Rough Draft Bar & Books
Kingston, New York
A comfortable place to not only find your next new favorite book but a locally made pint as well.

What it is:  Rough Draft is an independent bookstore in a historic building in New York’s original capital city that boasts a dozen taps from mostly Empire State breweries. Co-owners Amanda and Anthony Stromoski wanted to bring together their love of beer and books and spent months finding the perfect spot to bring their unique vision to life. It’s the simplest of concepts in an overly digital age: analog drinking. Pick a beer and pick a book and discover the art and talent in each. Rough Draft is a place to discover new ideas, flavors, and neighbors and has brought a bit of civility back into a bar scene that is too often dominated by the flashy and fleeting.

Why it’s great: Sometimes you just want a place where you can have a pint in a quiet setting, with a good book. Most bars, with blaring music, flashing TVs, or general tavern camaraderie can make that difficult. Here, a little solitude is encouraged. A well-curated draft list makes sure that there is always something new to discover. Book clubs, author signings, and more also make this a hub for discerning drinkers with a literary bent.


This review first appeared in Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine.