beer briefing hatJOHN HOLL is an award-winning journalist covering the beer industry. He’s the author of several books including Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint and The American Craft Beer Cookbook. He is the senior editor of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine and the co-host of Steal This Beer, a podcast. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Wine Enthusiast and more. John has lectured on the culture and history of beer and judged beer competitions around the world.

1 day ago
Hey, I haven't seen anyone complain about kids in breweries in the last few weeks. Everyone doing OK?
2 days ago
This just landed on my desk and I'm excited to dive in. Big congratulations to Christopher Sidwa @BatchBrewCo (and an old pal) for following a passion into a career and now expanding to new realms.

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5 days ago
She's not very friendly. She certainly can't hang out with people at a brewery. But, my scruffy mutt Pepper now has her own #beer.
An imperial porter with cocoa and peppers is now available at @DepartedSoles. Thanks to Brian Kulbacki for making this happen.


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